4 Ways to Shop for Clothes That Will save You Money

When you’re ready to buy new clothes, you shouldn’t think for a second that you need to pay full price for them. On top of that, there are lots of deals that you can take advantage of if you shop at the right time. Clothing retailers often offer different sales based on buying in combination or during different sales events. For example, many department stores have holiday weekend sales where they’ll have an entire department half off. Depending on the time of year you’re looking for clothing, the amount of money you can save will vary. You can also forego the store altogether with a little creative thinking. Here are four tips about how you can be a savvy clothing shopper and save money.

Shopping Online with Promo Codes

Shop Online And Save
Shop Online And Save
Shopping online will save you more money the vast majority of the time. You can comparison shop using search engines like Google, and look around different websites. Usually, there’s also a promo code available on bigger online retailers. This is especially true if you’re shopping at a site that has a brick and mortar business as its base, but sells clothing online, too. It’s also possible to try items on in the store, and then find them online. This eliminates the hassle of returning things that don’t fit. Make sure to always pay attention to the size charts provided by the store.

Off-Season Sales

If you’re not someone who needs to be up on fashion trends, you can easily find some nice garments on the standard sales racks that you find at most stores. These are clothes that were stocked for a particular season. You can find some great deals if you don’t mind shopping off-season. For example, there might be items that were designed for the summer, but that can also be worn in fall. This is where you can save a lot of money by buying basics that are on sale. It just takes a little browsing. However, this tactic is only usable in-store, rather than online since it requires you to dig through sales racks.

Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores Are A Great Option To Buy On A Butget
Thrift Stores Are A Great Option To Buy On A Butget
Thrift stores are the tried and true destinations of both deal seekers as well as those interested in fashion. You can find both unique, vintage items right alongside basic staples that would be three times the price in a regular store. Thrift stores are also fun to frequent because any item you find will be one-of-a-kind. Even thrift stores have sales, too, on certain occasions. Most secondhand stores also have particular customer appreciation days where all items that have a certain color tag are a particular percentage off. This is a deep discount you can’t afford to miss, because you can stock up on everything you find. Thrift stores aren’t just good for clothes, but also shoes and accessories. You’ll be surprised at some of the designer labels you can find when you look hard enough.

Clothing Swap Parties

This is one of the most fun tactics for saving money on clothes. Everyone has clothes they don’t wear anymore, whether because something just doesn’t fit right or the owner is tired of it. When you host a clothing swap party, you can invite your friends to bring five pieces of gently used clothing to put into a pile, and then host a free-for-all swap. This way, what’s old becomes new for everyone there, and it’s all free. You can liven it up by asking guests to bring refreshments and making it a real party. The best part of an event like this is that everything is free, and you’ll probably get some very nice items if your friends have good taste.