When Is The Right Time To Pop The BIG Question?

1-questionIf you’re of the traditional sort, you may want to marry the person you’re dating once you’re reached an appropriate level of intimacy. You may feel like it’s the right time, but is it? A lot of things can factor into whether or not the time is right when it comes to asking your partner to marry you. Make sure that all of the stars align for you in the form of several signs that you have the all clear to get down on one knee soon.

You Know They’ll Probably Say Yes

One of the worst feelings in the world is being rejected. A rejection for a first date is a small sting, being rejected by a job can be a sizable blow, but after dating someone for what could possibly be years and being turned down for marriage can be devastating. How can you even move on from that? Is your relationship over? Can you try again sometime?

These things are dependent on you and your partner’s level of communication. It’s best to avoid the drama, though, and only propose when you know there’s a very high chance they’ll say yes. Also, don’t propose in a public or flashy way. This pressures someone to say yes and if they don’t, you’ll end up publicly humiliated.

You’re Financially Stable

2-marriagePart of being married is knowing that you can support your spouse and any fruits of your marriage such as new pets, babies, or blended family members. Also, weddings are expensive. If you want to go the fancy route, weddings can run around $40,000 USD. Some people’s families can foot the bill but if they don’t want to, then you have to make up that money.

Think about how if they say yes and you have a wedding, is that responsible if you’re trying to raise a family or start one. Save as much money as you can before popping the question in any scenario.

You’re Ready To Commit

Make sure that you’re fully ready to settle down before asking your partner to get married. To eliminate any possibility of cold feet, regret, and straying eyes, come to terms with the idea that marriage means one of you and one of them. That’s it. If you find that you can’t get comfortable with the idea of commitment yet, put off the proposal no matter how much you’re being pressured.

It’s perfectly fine to feel like you aren’t ready, so don’t feel bad that you can’t get down with that idea just yet. Enjoy your life as a couple and if you never reach the level of intimacy and monogamy needed, then don’t feel like you’re a bad person.

You’ve Both Talked About Your Future

3-loveMake sure that you’ve discussed future plans. If you haven’t moved in together, who will move where when you get married? Do you both want children? Can you make compromises? Be aware that the more that you talk about how your relationship will progress, the more comfortable you’ll be when it comes to proposing, as well as the chance your partner will say yes will be higher. It also means you know what you’re getting into with marriage beforehand, so there’s not surprises.

You Have A Support System

If you want to marry someone, it’s good to know that your friends and family also support this decision. This isn’t to say that you need anyone’s permission to get married other than your potential spouse, but knowing that people support your relationship never did anyone any harm. If they feel like it’s a bad idea, as why and don’t get offended. Maybe they’re seeing something you can’t with your rose-colored glasses. Ultimately, their approval or not shouldn’t have any bearing on your final decision but take what they have to say into consideration before spending money on a ring. There’s no stings attached sex from the fine people that brought you friend finder and nostringsattached.com scams are aplently. But you can celebrate your engagement with a threesome no problem here.

They Want You To

4-sunset-hands-love-woman-380x254One of the best ways to know whether it’s okay to pop the question is if you know your mate wants you to. Most partners will drop hints if that’s what they’re looking for so pay attention. Make sure that you consider your own feelings and not just go along with what they want and pressure you to. No successful marriage was created by pressure. There are plenty of blog for casual dating tips (read it here) worth your time before you go dating or popping big questions.

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