Four Apps to Improve Your Quality of Life

Okay, so maybe saying these apps will magically eliminate your FML moments is a bit of a stretch, but they will definitely make your life infinitely easier to manage, and easier to enjoy.


|SwiftKey... One Keyboard For Every Device
SwiftKey… One Keyboard For Every Device
If typing on your smartphone just isn’t working out for you because of tiny keyboards or large hands, try something different with Swiftkey. One of the most popular third-party keyboard apps, Swiftkey lets you “type” by dragging your finger from key to key to spell words. It even links with your Google+, Facebook, and Evernote accounts to personalize their autocorrect and spelling suggestions. Add in cloud capability, and you can save and transfer your typing patterns to any of your Swiftkey-enabled devices that has Swiftkey installed.

The best part? Swiftkey is free, and works on both Android, and more recently, iOS 8. The Android app offers keyboards in 60 languages, and lets you load in three keyboards at any time to use simultaneously. Currently, the iOS 8 is able to host two keyboards, and has limited language support, though with future versions of the app promise updates and improvements.


Evernote Helps You Keep Track Of Your ¨To Do Lists¨
Evernote Helps You Keep Track Of Your ¨To Do Lists¨
Your mileage may vary, but the free app Evernote could potentially be the most beautiful, useful thing to ever appear in your life. It integrates with desktop, web and mobile to become a single inbox, for yes, notes, but also daily journal writings, videos, pictures, and can even help you go paperless. Use it to keep track of your task lists. Use the Google-integrated Web Clipper extension to file your web links and bookmarks right into the notes and lists you need them in. Keep track of all the recipes that Grandmom ever gave you.

With tons of plug-ins and multi-platform integration, Evernote is a great way to organize all the ins and outs of your life.


Create Recipes With IFTTT
Create Recipes With IFTTT
Standing for If This Then That, this is THE app for social media fanatics, and it’s available for free for both Android and iOS. IFTT is a webapp automation service that creates recipes that let you pull material from one app to use on another. Save your snarkiest tweets to your Evernote for great posterity the minute you send them out, or crosspost all your awesome photoshoots to Pinterest and Instagram instantaneously for a serious positive feedback loop.


Do you work from home? Telecommute? Have flex hours? If you have one or all of the above, Asana may just be your new best friend. This web-based service has turned out a free iPhone, iPad and Android compatible app that helps you keep track of all your to-dos, and the also the to-dos of the people you work with. Task items and their accompanying conversations are all self contained, and organize those lists into full projects. Get automatic updates whenever tasks are in progress or completed. Better yet, integrate with file programs like Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. In short: ditch the email chains and fussy, aggressive phone calls, and get with Asana instead.

Bonus: Delectable

Reward Yourself With Delectable
Reward Yourself With Delectable
We can’t be all work and no play. Reward yourself with Delectable, a free wine scanner app that that gives you all the info you ever wanted on your next bottle of vino, as soon as you snap a picture of that label. File your favorites into albums and lists, and share your picks with your friends by hashtagging and messaging at them, and keep up to date with their most recent alcohol adventures.