Skip the Gym: Fitness on a Budget

Gym memberships are expensive and often go unused. Treadmills and weight sets are cumbersome cost a lot to get. Purchasing fitness classes is also very strenuous for your wallet. But the price of going to the gym should not stop you from getting fit. There are some great ways that you can get your daily exercise without paying a huge fee to some big gym. In fact, you can even work out daily in the comfort of your own home for free. Just remember to stretch before you work out, and find the routine that best suits you.


Go Outdoor... Go Hiking And Enjoy The Fresh Air
Go Outdoor… Go Hiking And Enjoy The Fresh Air
Getting out into nature is a great way to get fit without paying any money. Even if you live in a flat area, going for a walk on a trail on the open land is a great way to start the day and start getting fit. You might be surprised how many options there are around you for walking in the outdoors. Even city folks will likely have a park by their house, and just going for a quick stroll costs nothing and will at least get you on to your feet. Once it becomes art of your routine, you might find that you quite enjoy walking outside, especially in the warmer summer months.


Getting on a bicycle is an awesome alternative to running for those who have weak knees and can’t run due to their joints. Biking works the legs and the core, and different terrain will tone different parts of the body. Biking is also a good way to get from place to place, and is good alternative to driving. This way you can save money on gas and car repairs while also getting fit without spending tons of money on the gym.

Bodyweight Fitness

Working Out At Home
Working Out At Home
As for working out at home, you don’t need a weight set to get a sweat going. There are hundreds of different exercises that you can do that only use your own body, and you can combine them in ways that will really make you feel the burn. There are a bunch of workouts that you can look up online, some of them are only about ten minutes long, and can be modified for how difficult they need to be.

Internet Pilates

The internet is also a great place to find workout tutorials, especially for stretching workouts like Pilates and yoga. These workouts are also pretty short, and are an awesome way to limber up in the mornings before work. You can stay indoors and follow an instructor, just as if you had paid for classes at a gym. Most of them don’t even require anything but what you’ve got laying around the house, and are easily modified. Luckily all you need for these online classes is determination, a few minutes, and an internet connection.

Video Workout

For a nostalgic feel, you can break out of the old aerobics classes that aired on television. They can be a fun, vintage way to work out, and might be a great way to get friends to work out together and have a really fun time. You can dress up and play around while simultaneously getting your heartrate up to fat burning levels. Another way you can use TV to work out is to take a look at a series you really like, pick some common events, and instead of taking a shot every time the event happens, you can assign a workout to it. There are plenty of these online for all kinds of show and movies, and they are very easy to have fun with.


Yes, sex is an awesome way to burn calories and have a ton of fun, right in the comfort of your own home. The horizontal boogie will burn as many calories as a nice long jog, and is significantly less of a chore. You can even be creative in bed, and improve your stamina and flexibility. The harder you work out outside of sex, the better sex you can have. Good and interesting sex is free and will both improve your physique and your relationship with any of your significant others. So go out there and start working out!