Fanfiction and You: Comprehending Your Girlfriend’s Weird Obsession

Having a girlfriend with nerdy or geeky hobbies is a great and beautiful thing. It’s ridiculously fun to be able to share your more unique hobbies with someone you have a great relationship with, so of course it’s amazing to have a girlfriend who is also immersed in geek culture. But sometimes, your girlfriend winds up knowing a bit more than you do when it comes to geek subculture! She’s in fandoms, she knows all of the latest lingo, and she’s very much into reading fanfiction. Chances are that, as a geek or nerd, you already know what fanfiction is – no matter if you do or don’t, it can be a little strange to grasp what the obsession is all about. Your girlfriend loves reading fanfiction at all hours of the day and even has email alerts set up to let her know when her favorite story gets updated. You want to understand and possibly share in this hobby of hers, but what’s a guy to do? You need to know what it’s all about! That doesn’t need to be a struggle anymore – you can figure out everything you need to know about fanfiction and your girlfriend’s obsession with it right here. Here’s what you need to know:

What Is Fanfiction?

Your Girlfriend's Weird Obsession With Fanfiction
Your Girlfriend’s Weird Obsession With Fanfiction
If you’ve never heard of fanfiction to begin with, then the whole idea can be a little baffling to you. The name speaks for itself – it’s fiction written by fans of a certain type of media. People write fanfiction about pretty much everything nowadays. It really got its start with the Star Trek fandom, but now devoted fans will write their own stories about video games, bands, movies, real people – you name it. It’s a huge part of the Internet nowadays. If your girlfriend has a book, comic, movie, or game that she really enjoys, chances are that she has partaken in fanfiction. Maybe you even wrote a little fanfiction in your younger days, though you may not have realized it! People write short stories and even fanfiction that turns out to be longer and more involved than the original media.

What’s the Deal with All the Gay Porn?

Now that you know what fanfiction is, you may realize your girlfriend has been partaking in quite a bit of interesting fanfiction. You realize that she’s been reading fanfiction written about two of the very much male characters from her favorite show or game. Having sex. A lot. What’s the deal with all the gay porn in fanfiction and what does it mean that your girlfriend has been reading so much of it? Generally, it’s just an escape for women to appreciate some well written porn without having to worry about writers who have no idea how the female body works. It probably doesn’t indicate any worrisome plans she might have for a male on male on female threesome, so you’re probably safe.

Other Weird Subsections of Fanfiction She Might Be Getting Into

There are tons of other weird things in fanfiction that you might want to know about. If your girlfriend is getting into some of these things, it could be a little more worrisome. For example, there is a huge subsection of fanfiction dedicated to mpreg – that’s right, male pregnancy. If your girlfriend is a mpreg hound, it might be time to take a closer look at what that might mean for your relationship. Another huge kink to hit the scene is ABO, or alpha/beta/omega dynamics. This has a lot of weird stuff in it, so you might want to avoid looking into it while you try to figure out what that means for your relationship with your girlfriend.

What It Means for Your Relationship

Fanfiction Does Not Have to Hurt Your Relationship
Fanfiction Does Not Have to Hurt Your Relationship
Generally, you shouldn’t have to worry too much if your girlfriend has really been getting into the fanfiction scene. She likely just reads it as an escape and a way to fantasize, and it probably doesn’t mean she wants to actually roleplay that you’re a pregnant guy. You can always try to get into the fanfiction scene yourself and see if the two of you can come up with a common ground and favorite new story, though. It could be fun!