3 Ways Romantic Comedy has Made Your Expectations Unrealistic

1Movies and entertainment like to present us with film after film about romance. Watching a romantic movie can be a fun escape from reality or a fun nigh to be out with your friends. They can be adorable and gut wrenching, and they can warm your heart or bring you to tears. But there are quite a few ways that growing up in a society that idealizes romance can really skew your perceptions of romance, and love in general. Here are three ways that you might be expecting too much out of your real life.

The one thing you can get from a romantic comedy though, is learning to craft your first email message on dating sites. The first message crafting is an art and finding love starts with a hello, like in that You’ve Got Mail movie.

The Chance Meeting

In romantic movies, the meeting of the two protagonists is almost always whimsical and supported by are large group of friends. Often, the protagonists experience love at first sight, and are drawn to each other by an unexplainable desire. The lighting is perfect and the moment is a pure, memorable one, or a quirky moment that is unforgettable. If you are waiting for a romantic meeting like this, you are going to be waiting a very long time. Real life romance can really start anywhere, but most likely through a mutual acquaintance or work. In either case, the meeting might not be as glamorous as you hoped. Another way that many adults are connecting is through online dating sites. While this might not be as romantic of a fairy tale that you wanted, it is a great way to meet likeminded people who share similar interests to you. When you meet your future partner it probably won’t be by chance, and it might not even be a physical meeting. And as of yet we have not heard of any cases of love at first type.

The Flaming Passion

2The romances in films are always portrayed as couples with burning sexual desire and an almost physical need to be together always. This portrayal of a relationship is actually kind of unhealthy, and would ordinarily turn into something co-dependent and creepy. While passion is an important part of any relationship, it also fades, and you will need to have a relationship based on more than the honeymoon stage desire for your relationship to last. Your partner should also be your best friend, and the ‘passion of true love’ should not be the only thing that connects the two of you together. Look for a stable, kind person who you are physically attracted to and love spending time with in an almost casual sense. This is usually the foundation of a solid in real life relationship.

The Happy Ending

3To be blunt, in real life stories do not get nice little clean endings all wrapped up in a bow. We don’t always end up with who we wanted, and sometimes even the most solid of relationships simply fade away. The thing about real life is that nothing is static and everything is always changing. Sometimes people just grow apart, and that’s that. If we can take this departure with grace and fondness for the good times, we will be much happier for it. Not every breakup has to be heart shattering and dramatic, just as every relationship doesn’t have to be fueled by the heat of love at first sight. Love is a tricky thing that comes in many different packages, and we will be much happier if we leave the romantic comedy’s template far behind.

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Dating a Woman Who Has Lots of Male Friends

Dating a woman who has her own friends is great. To make a relationship work, it requires that the two of you have your own time that you spend either alone, or with other people. When your woman has friends, you don’t have to worry about her constantly wanting to cling to you. Most of the time, her friends will provide her with enough of a distraction to let the two of you enjoy your time away from each other. Most men are fine with their ladies having a girls’ night out. But many of us are less than thrilled when we discover that our lady is spending her “me time” with a bunch of guys.

Meet Her Buddies (And See If They’re Up to Something)

Meeting Her Friends Is The First Step
Meeting Her Friends Is The First Step
Believe it or not, some men can be just friends with women, and have no desire to date or have sex with them. Of course, most of the time this is pretty rare, so deciding to meet your lady’s male friends is always a good idea. Don’t make it seem like you want to meet them because you don’t trust them. If you do this, she will turn things around to make it seem like you don’t trust her. Even if you don’t trust her, it’s probably best if you don’t make her aware of it.

Find out what her pals are into, and host something at your place that you can invite them to. Meeting all of her male in a group setting makes it feel less like an interrogation, and more like hangout. Make sure to actually talk to her guy friends and try to gauge whether or not some (or all) of them will be a problem. Be on the lookout for alpha males. They’re almost always waiting for the perfect opportunity to try to hook up with someone else’s woman. Don’t forget to check for wandering eyes. Most of us aren’t as discreet as we think we are when it comes to checking women out. If you see someone’s eyes lingering on your lady for too long, it could be a sign that he wants to be more than just friends with her.

Admit When You Are Uncomfortable

Tell Her You Have A Problem With Her Male Friends
Tell Her You Have A Problem With Her Male Friends
Explain to her how you are feeling, you feel concerned about their intentions, it’s best to speak up about it. Try to avoid telling her that you don’t want her hanging out with them. It will only cause arguments and conflict in the relationship. Instead, take her out on a date, and tell her why you feel uncomfortable with her having certain male friends. Be willing to compromise. Tell her that some of her male friends make you uncomfortable, and then explain why. Always start by telling her that you trust her. As hard as it may be, acknowledge that you are insecure (or pretend to be).  In other words, make her feel guilty for making you uncomfortable.

When a woman feels like you are being sincere, and that you trust her by sharing your feelings with her, she will be much more willing to compromise with you. She will also be more willing to take your feelings into consideration. If you’ve done a good job of stating why you’re uncomfortable with some of her guy friends, she will eventually start to feel the same way about them.

Accepting the fact that your lady has male friends can be difficult, but if you take the time to meet them, you can get rid of most of the apprehension you have about them. If she refuses to let you meet her male friends, she might be hiding something.