Laundromat or Home Laundry? Which is Better in the Long Run

No one really likes to do laundry, but it is an essential part of our daily lives. If you wash a load of laundry every few days, chances are that you are going to wonder if it is cheaper for you to buy a washer and dryer for your house or if you should just use the laundromat down the street. The question has always been which ones are cheaper, and the answer unfortunately depends on each individual. Here are a few criteria that you can judge yourself with to see if the laundry that you are doing is in the right place for the best amount of money.


It Might Not Be The Best Option
It Might Not Be The Best Option
How far is the laundromat from your place? If it is more than five minutes by car, it is likely that you are wasting gasoline getting to it. The distance and accessibility of a laundromat is also affected by the weather, the traffic and all other kind of factors that are factored into the day. A home laundry, however, is only a few steps away from your living room. If you want to have a reliable place to wash your clothes instead of trekking out into the world with a bag full of dirty clothes then a home laundry is a good idea for you.


However, if you are only renting your home, there is no point installing a home laundry. It takes a couple of years for the costs of a laundromat to exceed the cost of a home laundry. So if you aren’t planning on staying in the house you live in for too much longer, there is no point to making a big, expensive purchase when it isn’t even your house. Stick with a laundromat, for a while at least.


Doing Laundry At home Is Convenient And Cheaper
Doing Laundry At home Is Convenient And Cheaper
If you own your own house and plan on living there for a few years, you should definitely buy a washer and dryer. You will save more money if you do. You also don’t have to buy the fanciest model, a cheap one that works will do just fine. If you can manage to keep your laundry up and running for over 600 loads, you will be able to meet and surpass the laundromat no problem, and hopefully you will continue to have a well working and functional washer and dryer, hopefully with a warranty attached and all.


If you don’t ever plan on living somewhere for a few small years or months at a time, then a laundromat is a much better choice for you. Laundromats are also good places to be if you like chatting with new people and making contact with them. You don’t need to have a financial reason to prefer something. Sometimes people would rather be at a public laundry facility for the conversation. Some people buy home laundries so that they don’t have to work with people. In either case, financial issues depend on how you live your life, and so does your laundry of choice.