5 Signs You’re over Training

More isn’t always better. When it comes to working out, overtraining is just about the worst thing that you could do for your long term fitness goals. You might think that you’re doing well, but when you go out on a limb and you end up hurting yourself and setting back your training by weeks or months, at least. Habitually overtraining certain muscles could even lead to doing permanent damage to certain joints and so forth. Of course, the first signs of overtraining are simply pain and fatigue. Read more to find out what you can expect so that you can tell that things are going to be so that you can back off before you actually hurt yourself.

You’re Always Sore

Soreness Is A Clear Sign You Are Overtraining
Soreness Is A Clear Sign You Are Overtraining
One thing that you need to have is an awareness of what normal fatigue feels like. It’s normal for your muscles to be sore after an intense workout. Delayed onset muscle soreness can last several days and should be noticeable, but not anything that’s going to get in the way of your daily life. The time when you need to be worried is when your muscles never seem to get better; if you’re still sore a week after your workout, there’s a good chance that you’re pushing yourself too hard. If the pain is so intense that you find yourself avoiding day to day activities out of fear of the pain, you’ve been pushing yourself too hard. Sometimes it’s easy to try to keep going because you want results fast, but fitness isn’t always a race. You need to take time to let your body adjust slowly.

Your Sleep Schedule Is Thrown Off

Your workouts shouldn’t leave you so exhausted that you simply can’t stay awake? That might seem like a great thing (early to bed and early to rise), but you shouldn’t be wearing yourself out that much. Any workout that leaves you so drained that you basically just have to sleep all the next day is one that’s pushing you beyond the limits of what you can hold. You should skip it, because that’s definitely not going to be something that’s going to improve the quality of your life. You should be aiming for things that will only make your life better, and if you’re never alert enough to enjoy it you’re going to be trapped forever.

You Can’t Remember the Last Fun Thing You Ate

Training Should Be Fun
Training Should Be Fun
The point of getting fit isn’t to be a miser who only eats carrot sticks and eats a hardboiled egg once a year, as a treat. You want to be fit and you want to be healthy, but you want to also have a good time, within reason. There should never come a time when you don’t remember the last time you treated yourself. This doesn’t have to be a binge; what this really should be is just a treat. Having a slice of cake at someone’s birthday party, for example, is something that you should still allow yourself. Just try not to make it five slices for no reason.

You Aren’t Bulking Symmetrically

Start Bulking Symmetrically
Start Bulking Symmetrically
If you can obviously tell where you’ve been hitting the gym the hardest, it’s time for you to spread things out and work hard to make sure that all your muscles are getting some attention. You don’t want to be that guy with skinny chicken legs on a ripped torso.

You See Your Gym Buddies More than Your Family

Last and least, you shouldn’t be more comfortable hanging out at the gym than hanging out with your family. That’s a surefire sign that something serious is going wrong. Working out is great, but it’s to let you lead your life more fully. Don’t let yourself get so wrapped up with working out that you forget the reason that you’re even trying to do this. This is why you need to keep balance in your life.

Can 30 Minutes 3 Times a Week Really Make a Difference?

You all know about the standard advice for adults. Get out and move a minimum of 30 minutes a day 3 times a week. More is better, but this is often said to be the minimum that a person can exercise and still have it count as exercise. The real question then becomes is it even worth it? At only 90 minutes of exercise per week, many people would feel that doesn’t even come close to making a difference. Here’s the facts when it comes to this basic requirement of exercise.

What’s Your Fitness Level Going In?

At Home Or At The Gym... Exercise Has Its Health Benefits
At Home Or At The Gym… Exercise Has Its Health Benefits
Before you scoff at this idea, you have to consider the fitness level of the person going in. Typically, this advice is aimed at people who don’t work out. They work in offices and drive everywhere they travel. They don’t do anything more strenuous in the course of the day than carrying a laptop down the hall, and they definitely don’t go on 30 minute walks. It doesn’t matter if they’re fat or thin; even thin people can be unfit. If they really don’t exercise at all, then 30 minutes 3 times a week would actually be a step up for them. Any sort of step up is good. If you don’t really work out then this could be a very good beginning goal for you. When you’ve gotten in the habit of going for 30 minute walks every week you can start lengthening the walks and increasing the frequency.

You’re Not Going to Be Running Marathons

Of course, you have to realize that with this light cap you’re not going to be running marathons any time soon. When you walk 90 minutes in a week you’re training your body to be able to handle 90 minutes of exercise per week. You can’t keep things at this level and then be surprised when you can’t go for long jogs or lift a bunch of weights. This is a very minimal cap and it will net you basic benefits.

You’re Not Going to Lose Much Weight

Also, if you’re thinking that this could be the key to weight loss you should think again. Even if you walked briskly, a 90-minute walk will only burn off about 400 calories or fewer. That’s 400 calories per week that you’re shaving off your diet. It might in time be enough to help you lose weight, but it would be so slow and so difficult to judge that you probably would never even notice. It’s definitely not the secret to fitting back into those jeans you wore in high school.

It’s a Good Basic Standard

30 Minutes 3 Times A Week Is All IT Takes
30 Minutes 3 Times A Week Is All IT Takes
This exercise level isn’t meant to help you become a muscle bound god or drop twenty pounds in a month. This weight loss is all about giving your heart and lungs basic exercise. 30 minutes 3 times a week is enough for you to start reaping the benefits of improved cardio vascular health. There’s no big secret to this. If you want to increase your general health while lowering the odds that you’ll develop heart and lung problems then taking this as a very basic exercise goal is pretty much the least you can do. Every little bit helps, so start taking these walks today.

How to Dress for the Job You Want and Still Do the Job Your Have

“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” It might just be the most intimidating and confusing piece of advice ever offered to someone who wants to succeed in the corporate culture. It’s spawned a lot of jokes about people who go to work at Batman, or a ballerina, and so on when they really should have just bought a suit and maybe a nicer tie. If you want to succeed in the business world, the advice offered here is actually invaluable. However, it’s also very difficult to understand what it’s actually trying to say when it comes to your own wardrobe.

It’s Not Literal Advice so Don’t Worry

Dress In A Way That Allows You To Do Your Job
Dress In A Way That Allows You To Do Your Job
The good news is that you don’t have to literally follow this advice for it to work. If you want to be the CEO but you currently work down in sales, you shouldn’t go to work in a three piece suit. It’s going to make it difficult for you to hustle through the backrooms to find that right pair of shoes that you wanted, or help people get them on. It’s going to make you look like you’re not really all there and well put together. You need to dress in a way that allows you to do your job. The work uniform and dark slacks paired with sensible shoes that let you be on your feet all day and move with confidence are the clothes you should be wearing in this situation. So, given that you don’t have to actually model your outfits on the clothes your boss wears, what does this advice really mean?

Make Sure the Items You Own Are Clean and Nice

Make Sure You Maintain A Nice Appearance
Make Sure You Maintain A Nice Appearance
Instead of applying the literal rule to what you wear to work, consider it from a more general perspective. If you’re a woman, ask yourself how many female CEOs wear teal lipstick to work every day. Not that many. If you’re a man, consider that scruffy almost beards are very rarely seen in the boardroom. Some of these things are essentially meaningless corporate culture things. There is no reason why mustaches are acceptable in the boardroom and scruffy beards are not. It all comes down to keeping up with appearances and following the rules.

If you want to advance within a company, make sure that you’re obeying the corporate culture. This might mean that you have to buy some concealer to cover up that wrist tattoo. It might mean changing your hair to something more conservative. If that’s going to be a problem, ask yourself which you want more: a pink fauxhawk, or a chance at promotion within your company?

Even if you’re wearing dark slacks and a uniform shirt, then you should be aware that you’re presenting yourself to your superiors. Always make sure that your clothes are well fitting and clean. Don’t let your clothes get shabby. Invest in new pants when you have to. Keep yourself looking your best.

Don’t Allow Appearance to Take Center Stage

Your Focus Should Be On Your Work Not How You Look
Your Focus Should Be On Your Work Not How You Look
Dress for the job you want is advice that’s more centered on attitude than your literal attire. You should be showing your ambition in every way possible. This means in your attire and also your attitude. If you have to come in on weekends, if you have to do a job you don’t love so that the boss will notice you, then you just have to. Bring yourself in line with your goals in every day, and don’t let yourself hold you back. If you don’t shape up and conform to the corporate culture you’re going to have to overcome obstacles you set up yourself.

What to Do If You Are Stuck in a Job You Hate.

There are plenty of reasons that people wind up despising their jobs. It can range from what they are doing to who they are doing it with, but what they all have in common is that they hate their jobs, and they probably don’t want to do it anymore. The only problem is that people need jobs to live in this world, and it can be insanely difficult to find new jobs anywhere at any time, especially in the current economy. That makes people feel stuck, and that in turn makes them unhappy and makes them feel like they are trapped in something they hate to do and hate to deal with. If you are one of the people who feel like they can’t stand their job anymore, here are some strategies to make things easier to bear until you can find a new job to work.

The Work Itself

Remind Yourself This Isn't Permanent
Remind Yourself This Isn’t Permanent
If you hate your job because of what you are doing, you are in a very tough situation. Some of the worst job hate comes from doing a job that you are indifferent to or even dislike, because all of that apathy eventually evolves into hate for the things you do day in and day out repetitively forever, until you can’t stand anything about your job. You need to be able to let things go and make sure that you realize that it isn’t the people around you who are making you angry. If you lash out at people who are trying to be nice to you, you are just going to end up even worse off than you were before. Try to separate yourself from your work and think of things that make you happy while you do it, and that will help you hold out until you find a better job. Don’t be afraid to let out some anger at the gym either, that will help you too.

The Boss

Your Relationship With Your Boss Is Not Ideal
Your Relationship With Your Boss Is Not Ideal
If it is your boss who is giving you trouble then you have a major annoyance on your hands. Bosses are held in a strange limbo that stops somewhere between peer and teacher, and often becomes someone that many have the uncontrollable urge to slap as hard as they can across the face. If you have a bad boss just keep your head down, your work good, and your flirting skills sub-par. Also start searching for a job as soon as humanly possible, because life will get easier with a new job and a new boss. Therapy in the meantime includes throwing darts at a picture of the boss, as long as you mean no real harm to him, everything will be fine.

The Co-Workers

If it’s the people who you work with that are the problem, then the simple solution is to avoid them and to not come into contact with them If they actively harass you, it is in your rights to be as cold and ruse as you like, and you are also perfectly within your allotted rights to report them to your boss or human resources. If the all already hate you, there is no point trying to gain their affections, and iron fist ruling is the only way to make everyone wary and leave you alone. Hopefully that works, and if not it is time to switch to a different area.

The Customers

You Are Dealing With Rude customers All Day?
You Are Dealing With Rude customers All Day?
Rude customers, reviewers and people are going to be everywhere you go. Do not let stupid people ruin your working experience, or the will ruin every single one you have until you are an old person. Just serve them and then complain about them with your coworkers. It’s a nice release that also bands coworkers together, so it isn’t all bad either. Make sure that people know that you care about them and you like talking to them, it might help to cool the air.

Distance and Hours

If you hate your job because of the when and where, there is not much you can do about that. You just need to grin and bear it or make as much of a change as you think is reasonably. When you finally do it, when you leave your job, come back to either talk to them calmly or serve a supine, defending on how the conversation goes. You will be able to get what you want either way, and you survived through it.