What to Do When Your eBay Feedback Score is Bad

Selling on eBay is one of the best ways to make money on the web, whether you’re a power seller chugging through hundreds of products a month or a hobbyist who’s just busy cleaning out his attic. However, one thing that you need to remember at all times when working on eBay is the fact that it is a business primarily run on reputation. Your feedback score is no joke. It’s actually very important! People do look at them, and just because you usually see people with excellent feedback doesn’t mean that people with bad feedback don’t exist.

What if you’re one of those people? What if, through some set of circumstances, your feedback score has ended up in the garbage? If that’s the case, you’re going to need to do something about it. You’re going to have a tough time getting people to want to buy your items when they can’t even trust that you’ll ship them out! In this article, we’re going to take a look at the steps you need to take when your feedback score on eBay is no good. That way, you can get back on track to being profitable again!

Figure Out Why It’s Bad First

Improving Your eBay Feedback Score
Improving Your eBay Feedback Score
You can’t fix anything if you don’t know why it’s broken in the first place. Your best bet is going to be to take some time to actually read through your feedback to understand what’s wrong. Yes, that can be difficult. No one likes to hear bad things about themselves. However, you have to do it. Otherwise you’re just going to be struggling to understand what’s wrong.

Reach Out to Unhappy Buyers for Amends

Offer Unhappy Buyers Some Sort Of Compensation
Offer Unhappy Buyers Some Sort Of Compensation
Now that you have a better sense of what the problem is with your operating practices, you should try to apologize to people who had a bad experience with you. The best way to do this is through eBay’s own system. Offer unhappy buyers a partial refund or some other way to say “sorry” to them. Try to get them to change their scores to something more positive. This won’t always work, but most of the time, it will. You should see a dramatic turnaround in your feedback scores in just a little while when you’re using this method!

Make an Effort at Fixing the Problem

If there are other issues at play with your feedback score, such as problems with your shipping times or even the quality of your items, then you need to make an effort to fix those things. You shouldn’t continue to do the same things you were before. That obviously was not working for you. The only way to get a better feedback score is to get more people to give you that good feedback. Work harder to sell more things through the site, and then come back with a better feedback score. You’ll be happy you made the effort to change.

Take a Break and Refocus Your Efforts

Maybe you just aren’t ready for that kind of change, though. If you are just feeling sad and discouraged about the progress of your eBay sales, then you should step back for a little while. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break to clear your head. In fact, that could be just what you need. Once you’ve had some time to think about what you’ve been doing wrong, you can come back and get a fresh start. With your new perspective and energy, it shouldn’t be all that difficult to take care of business and get your feedback back to where you need it to be.

Ditch Your Old Account and Make a New One

Of course, sometimes, no matter what you do, you’re just not going to be able to make things work out. When you’re struggling to get your feedback score up and nothing is getting it done, you might just want to abandon your account. Lay low for a little while, and then go back in with a brand new account. Start over and try to get things right as a seller this time. You don’t want to have to keep ditching the site and reinventing yourself. That wouldn’t be profitable at all!

Reorganizing Your Computer Desk Made Easy

Everybody loves coming home from work and sitting down in front of their own awesome computer so that they can waste time on the Internet for a while. After all, it’s a great way to unwind! However, it might not be your favorite thing to do if every day you come home to sit down at a really dirty and disorganized desk. A messy space will leave you feeling like you’re a mess yourself. That’s not the kind of atmosphere that you want to create for yourself in your home office. It’s quite the opposite, as a matter of fact! That’s why you should take an afternoon to fix things up.

Reorganizing your space will give your desk a new lease on life. In fact, you may even begin to want to spend more time than ever before on your computer. There’s nothing wrong with that! However, you’re not going to be able to achieve that if you don’t first make things nice and tidy. This guide is here to help walk you through the steps that you’ll need to take in order to get your desk in good working order once again. Let’s get started!

Start By Clearing Everything Off

Clear Everything Off Your Desk
Clear Everything Off Your Desk
You aren’t going to have any sort of luck trying to clean and reorganize a desk that’s still covered in a bunch of junk. Step one is going to making sure that you’ve taken everything off of your desk. That means everything! Don’t just throw it around all over the place, either. That’s not going to help you clean up. Instead, as you take things off your desk, try to sort and organize them. You’re going to want to put things in an order that you can transfer back onto your desk later. By keeping everything nice and tidy now, you can keep yourself from having issues later on where you have to delay putting your desk back together while you find items you misplaced.

Reorganize Your Cables and Zip Tie Them Up

One of the biggest sources for clutter and mess on anyone’s desk is going to be their computer cables. It doesn’t matter how nicely you set them up the first time you sat down at your desk, those cables always seem to end up tangled together after a little while. How does it happen? No one knows! Now that you have everything out of the way, though, you should use zip ties to cinch up your cables and keep them all in one easy to find place. That way, you won’t have to ever go through the hassle of detangling them ever again.

Clean Your Monitor and Your Keyboard

Don’t forget that you should get some actual cleaning done while you’re doing all of this. The two things that are going to need the most attention will be your monitor and your keyboard. With a lint free cloth and some screen cleaner, get all of the grime off of your monitor. That will allow you to see things much more clearly once again. Then pop the keys off your keyboard and clean out all the crumbs and dust that get trapped inside of there. Once you’ve got them spic and span, you can replace them on your desktop.

Designate Areas For All Your Things

Designate Areas For Everything
Designate Areas For Everything
Now is the time to start moving everything back onto your desk. However, as we said before, don’t just toss everything back onto your desk in a jumble. You won’t have accomplished anything at that point. You’ll just have made another mess. Instead, designate spots on your desk for things like papers, as well as areas for pens and pencils. Once you’ve gotten that taken care of, you’re almost through. Make a survey of your entire workspace. Does it feel like you will be able to get things done more quickly now? If so, you can sit back down and get to work!

Four Apps to Improve Your Quality of Life

Okay, so maybe saying these apps will magically eliminate your FML moments is a bit of a stretch, but they will definitely make your life infinitely easier to manage, and easier to enjoy.


|SwiftKey... One Keyboard For Every Device
SwiftKey… One Keyboard For Every Device
If typing on your smartphone just isn’t working out for you because of tiny keyboards or large hands, try something different with Swiftkey. One of the most popular third-party keyboard apps, Swiftkey lets you “type” by dragging your finger from key to key to spell words. It even links with your Google+, Facebook, and Evernote accounts to personalize their autocorrect and spelling suggestions. Add in cloud capability, and you can save and transfer your typing patterns to any of your Swiftkey-enabled devices that has Swiftkey installed.

The best part? Swiftkey is free, and works on both Android, and more recently, iOS 8. The Android app offers keyboards in 60 languages, and lets you load in three keyboards at any time to use simultaneously. Currently, the iOS 8 is able to host two keyboards, and has limited language support, though with future versions of the app promise updates and improvements.


Evernote Helps You Keep Track Of Your ¨To Do Lists¨
Evernote Helps You Keep Track Of Your ¨To Do Lists¨
Your mileage may vary, but the free app Evernote could potentially be the most beautiful, useful thing to ever appear in your life. It integrates with desktop, web and mobile to become a single inbox, for yes, notes, but also daily journal writings, videos, pictures, and can even help you go paperless. Use it to keep track of your task lists. Use the Google-integrated Web Clipper extension to file your web links and bookmarks right into the notes and lists you need them in. Keep track of all the recipes that Grandmom ever gave you.

With tons of plug-ins and multi-platform integration, Evernote is a great way to organize all the ins and outs of your life.


Create Recipes With IFTTT
Create Recipes With IFTTT
Standing for If This Then That, this is THE app for social media fanatics, and it’s available for free for both Android and iOS. IFTT is a webapp automation service that creates recipes that let you pull material from one app to use on another. Save your snarkiest tweets to your Evernote for great posterity the minute you send them out, or crosspost all your awesome photoshoots to Pinterest and Instagram instantaneously for a serious positive feedback loop.


Do you work from home? Telecommute? Have flex hours? If you have one or all of the above, Asana may just be your new best friend. This web-based service has turned out a free iPhone, iPad and Android compatible app that helps you keep track of all your to-dos, and the also the to-dos of the people you work with. Task items and their accompanying conversations are all self contained, and organize those lists into full projects. Get automatic updates whenever tasks are in progress or completed. Better yet, integrate with file programs like Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. In short: ditch the email chains and fussy, aggressive phone calls, and get with Asana instead.

Bonus: Delectable

Reward Yourself With Delectable
Reward Yourself With Delectable
We can’t be all work and no play. Reward yourself with Delectable, a free wine scanner app that that gives you all the info you ever wanted on your next bottle of vino, as soon as you snap a picture of that label. File your favorites into albums and lists, and share your picks with your friends by hashtagging and messaging at them, and keep up to date with their most recent alcohol adventures.