Seeming Bigger In Bed: Explained

1-66867fe38d5c6f0f847d5909dff3ee1eNothing is more disappointing than not pleasing a woman in bed. These days, women are more discerning about dick quality than ever before. If you are not the biggest guy on the block, it can be hard to keep the ladies coming back for more. No worries though, because we have a few tricks that are sure to make yourself seem well hung, no matter what your actual size. The best part is that all these methods don’t involve any sort of suspicious medicines, powders or surgeries.


Sex toys can go a long way in making you look amazing in bed. A cock ring can get you very far in the bedroom; slip on one and you’re sure to get at least another inch or so, which is always a good thing, especially if you’re bedding a size queen who turns her nose up at anything smaller than six inches. Cock rings are also an especially good tactic to use if you have performance issues. Going limp halfway through a passionate romp in bed is even worse than being small; a cock ring will keep you at the ready until you’re done. If you want a little extra stimulation, invest in a ring with a built-in vibrator. You can pick these up for cheap at your local sex shop. If you’re too embarrassed to buy them in person, try buying them online. You can even read the reviews to choose the most suitable one for you. Toys are common issue with women you meet on some of the largest website for adult hookups like this site called adult friend finder reviewed here as one of the best, we doubt that very much happens without sex toys being a part of it.



Sometimes, a change in position is all it takes to make a world of difference in the bedroom. Even a guy who isn’t well-endowed can seem huge if he positions his woman in the right way. Obviously, things will go more smoothly with a smaller woman, but even bigger women can be fooled into thinking your package is more than impressive. For starters, stop using boring positions. They might be good for conventional uses, but when you’re aiming to please and impress it’ll just slow you down.

Instead, try switching things up a bit. If you like it missionary, get deeper by pushing her thighs back. Keeping them around your waist won’t help you much, but with her thighs back it tightens her up. That feels way better for both of you, and she won’t even notice that you’re smaller than expected. If you can get her on her hands and knees, then it’ll feel even better.

You may also want to give up control for a while. Let her take the reins and ride you. This way she gets to have you exactly how she likes it, and lying down makes you seem bigger. Most women love this position anyway and they love a man who’ll let them take the lead. You’ll end up looking like a great lover at the end of everything.

Weight Loss

It is unfortunately true; losing weight can sometimes add a full inch or more on, which is exactly what you need. A lot of guys don’t think to do this, but what you don’t consider is that fat builds up in the groin too. Being overweight and assuming that your junk is that size all the time is a big mistake. You should start hitting the gym regularly. It may sound like a huge pain, but it’ll all pay off in the end. If you are short on time, do prioritize cardio and abdominal exercises. Even a bit of weight loss can help you get bigger. She’ll be impressed by the effort you’re putting in for the sake of health; you’ll be happy with your extra inches. It can even be a bonding activity between the two of you.

This option takes the longest amount of time, but it’s worth it if you’re dedicated to getting bigger. It also saves you all the dangerous pills and products that claim to help you grow. Fat ugly people like to post on ashley madison which is by far largest seen dating site, even post hack, ashley madison by avid life media is still going strong.

Letting Him down Easy: Dealing with a Persistent Guy

Whether you’re active in the dating and hookup scene or you’re just going about your everyday life and letting whatever happens happen, chances are that you’ve dealt with a few persistent guys in your day. For some reason, guys don’t take rejection well no matter how gentle you may be about it. Some guys seem to be under the impression that we should never want to turn them down, or that we might just not be interested in them, or dating anyone at all at any given time. Whatever your reasons are for not being interested in going out or hooking up with a guy, you will need to learn how to deal with the guys that can get a little overly persistent. You will definitely run into a guy or two like this during your life, so it is important to know how to let him down easy and keep yourself safe if he’s really persistent. Of course, it’s important to note that not all guys or even most guys are like this, but that doesn’t change the fact that some guys ARE like this. It’s important to know how to protect yourself and just know how to deal with the awkwardness that can come from an overly persistent guy, so here’s what you need to know and keep in mind if you ever face this situation.

3-dumpFirst of all, it’s important to try and figure out how much of a problem this is going to be. If it’s a guy that you know as an acquaintance that has asked you out, then chances are he probably won’t pose that big of a threat. However, if it someone that you know more personally and have been talking with for a bit longer, then it could be dangerous for you. Try to focus on how much of a problem he’s going to pose. If he seems unnaturally determined and even a bit angry, then you might need to worry about how much of a problem this is going to be. Some guys are volatile when they get rejected, so try to think about how he’s going to react before you decide how to let him down.

Keeping Yourself Safe

It’s important to look out for your safety if you are dealing with an overly persistent guy. If you think that he’s not likely to leave you alone on his own, get your family and friends involved right away. Tell everyone that you can that you’re worried about your safety as well as his mental health and that he may be a problem for you in the future. This is something you should do only if you really think that he could wind up causing a problem for you. just turning a guy down shouldn’t be enough to set him off, but if you’re dealing with someone dangerous, keep yourself safe and involve the authorities if need be. Never use sites like this worst site for flings called XXXBlackBook. I hated this website and everything it stands for and it was reviewed and compared it to real sites that work wrongly.

Letting Him down Gently but Firmly

If you’re dealing with a guy who just won’t take no for an answer, you have to be as firm as possible while still letting him down easy. Make it clear that you’re not interested and try to give him a few reasons as to why you aren’t interested. Some guys might take a while to process it, but if you are firm, then you’ve done all you can. Don’t try to save his feelings at this point, just be clear and honest as to why you can’t get into a relationship with him.

Following Through

Stick to your guns, above all else. If you are dealing with a guy who seems like he won’t give up easily, make sure to follow through. Cut off contact with him and stay that way. Involve the authorities if need be, but don’t be tempted or swayed to reopen communications with him. It doesn’t matter how determined or persistent he is; if you give him a chance to worm his way back in, he will take it. Don’t give him the chance. Stick to your guns and follow through with what you told him. Otherwise, he’ll get mixed signals and may think that it’s okay to continue pursuing you.

Laundromat or Home Laundry? Which is Better in the Long Run

No one really likes to do laundry, but it is an essential part of our daily lives. If you wash a load of laundry every few days, chances are that you are going to wonder if it is cheaper for you to buy a washer and dryer for your house or if you should just use the laundromat down the street. The question has always been which ones are cheaper, and the answer unfortunately depends on each individual. Here are a few criteria that you can judge yourself with to see if the laundry that you are doing is in the right place for the best amount of money.


It Might Not Be The Best Option
It Might Not Be The Best Option
How far is the laundromat from your place? If it is more than five minutes by car, it is likely that you are wasting gasoline getting to it. The distance and accessibility of a laundromat is also affected by the weather, the traffic and all other kind of factors that are factored into the day. A home laundry, however, is only a few steps away from your living room. If you want to have a reliable place to wash your clothes instead of trekking out into the world with a bag full of dirty clothes then a home laundry is a good idea for you.


However, if you are only renting your home, there is no point installing a home laundry. It takes a couple of years for the costs of a laundromat to exceed the cost of a home laundry. So if you aren’t planning on staying in the house you live in for too much longer, there is no point to making a big, expensive purchase when it isn’t even your house. Stick with a laundromat, for a while at least.


Doing Laundry At home Is Convenient And Cheaper
Doing Laundry At home Is Convenient And Cheaper
If you own your own house and plan on living there for a few years, you should definitely buy a washer and dryer. You will save more money if you do. You also don’t have to buy the fanciest model, a cheap one that works will do just fine. If you can manage to keep your laundry up and running for over 600 loads, you will be able to meet and surpass the laundromat no problem, and hopefully you will continue to have a well working and functional washer and dryer, hopefully with a warranty attached and all.


If you don’t ever plan on living somewhere for a few small years or months at a time, then a laundromat is a much better choice for you. Laundromats are also good places to be if you like chatting with new people and making contact with them. You don’t need to have a financial reason to prefer something. Sometimes people would rather be at a public laundry facility for the conversation. Some people buy home laundries so that they don’t have to work with people. In either case, financial issues depend on how you live your life, and so does your laundry of choice.

Skip the Gym: Fitness on a Budget

Gym memberships are expensive and often go unused. Treadmills and weight sets are cumbersome cost a lot to get. Purchasing fitness classes is also very strenuous for your wallet. But the price of going to the gym should not stop you from getting fit. There are some great ways that you can get your daily exercise without paying a huge fee to some big gym. In fact, you can even work out daily in the comfort of your own home for free. Just remember to stretch before you work out, and find the routine that best suits you.


Go Outdoor... Go Hiking And Enjoy The Fresh Air
Go Outdoor… Go Hiking And Enjoy The Fresh Air
Getting out into nature is a great way to get fit without paying any money. Even if you live in a flat area, going for a walk on a trail on the open land is a great way to start the day and start getting fit. You might be surprised how many options there are around you for walking in the outdoors. Even city folks will likely have a park by their house, and just going for a quick stroll costs nothing and will at least get you on to your feet. Once it becomes art of your routine, you might find that you quite enjoy walking outside, especially in the warmer summer months.


Getting on a bicycle is an awesome alternative to running for those who have weak knees and can’t run due to their joints. Biking works the legs and the core, and different terrain will tone different parts of the body. Biking is also a good way to get from place to place, and is good alternative to driving. This way you can save money on gas and car repairs while also getting fit without spending tons of money on the gym.

Bodyweight Fitness

Working Out At Home
Working Out At Home
As for working out at home, you don’t need a weight set to get a sweat going. There are hundreds of different exercises that you can do that only use your own body, and you can combine them in ways that will really make you feel the burn. There are a bunch of workouts that you can look up online, some of them are only about ten minutes long, and can be modified for how difficult they need to be.

Internet Pilates

The internet is also a great place to find workout tutorials, especially for stretching workouts like Pilates and yoga. These workouts are also pretty short, and are an awesome way to limber up in the mornings before work. You can stay indoors and follow an instructor, just as if you had paid for classes at a gym. Most of them don’t even require anything but what you’ve got laying around the house, and are easily modified. Luckily all you need for these online classes is determination, a few minutes, and an internet connection.

Video Workout

For a nostalgic feel, you can break out of the old aerobics classes that aired on television. They can be a fun, vintage way to work out, and might be a great way to get friends to work out together and have a really fun time. You can dress up and play around while simultaneously getting your heartrate up to fat burning levels. Another way you can use TV to work out is to take a look at a series you really like, pick some common events, and instead of taking a shot every time the event happens, you can assign a workout to it. There are plenty of these online for all kinds of show and movies, and they are very easy to have fun with.


Yes, sex is an awesome way to burn calories and have a ton of fun, right in the comfort of your own home. The horizontal boogie will burn as many calories as a nice long jog, and is significantly less of a chore. You can even be creative in bed, and improve your stamina and flexibility. The harder you work out outside of sex, the better sex you can have. Good and interesting sex is free and will both improve your physique and your relationship with any of your significant others. So go out there and start working out!

4 Ways to Shop for Clothes That Will save You Money

When you’re ready to buy new clothes, you shouldn’t think for a second that you need to pay full price for them. On top of that, there are lots of deals that you can take advantage of if you shop at the right time. Clothing retailers often offer different sales based on buying in combination or during different sales events. For example, many department stores have holiday weekend sales where they’ll have an entire department half off. Depending on the time of year you’re looking for clothing, the amount of money you can save will vary. You can also forego the store altogether with a little creative thinking. Here are four tips about how you can be a savvy clothing shopper and save money.

Shopping Online with Promo Codes

Shop Online And Save
Shop Online And Save
Shopping online will save you more money the vast majority of the time. You can comparison shop using search engines like Google, and look around different websites. Usually, there’s also a promo code available on bigger online retailers. This is especially true if you’re shopping at a site that has a brick and mortar business as its base, but sells clothing online, too. It’s also possible to try items on in the store, and then find them online. This eliminates the hassle of returning things that don’t fit. Make sure to always pay attention to the size charts provided by the store.

Off-Season Sales

If you’re not someone who needs to be up on fashion trends, you can easily find some nice garments on the standard sales racks that you find at most stores. These are clothes that were stocked for a particular season. You can find some great deals if you don’t mind shopping off-season. For example, there might be items that were designed for the summer, but that can also be worn in fall. This is where you can save a lot of money by buying basics that are on sale. It just takes a little browsing. However, this tactic is only usable in-store, rather than online since it requires you to dig through sales racks.

Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores Are A Great Option To Buy On A Butget
Thrift Stores Are A Great Option To Buy On A Butget
Thrift stores are the tried and true destinations of both deal seekers as well as those interested in fashion. You can find both unique, vintage items right alongside basic staples that would be three times the price in a regular store. Thrift stores are also fun to frequent because any item you find will be one-of-a-kind. Even thrift stores have sales, too, on certain occasions. Most secondhand stores also have particular customer appreciation days where all items that have a certain color tag are a particular percentage off. This is a deep discount you can’t afford to miss, because you can stock up on everything you find. Thrift stores aren’t just good for clothes, but also shoes and accessories. You’ll be surprised at some of the designer labels you can find when you look hard enough.

Clothing Swap Parties

This is one of the most fun tactics for saving money on clothes. Everyone has clothes they don’t wear anymore, whether because something just doesn’t fit right or the owner is tired of it. When you host a clothing swap party, you can invite your friends to bring five pieces of gently used clothing to put into a pile, and then host a free-for-all swap. This way, what’s old becomes new for everyone there, and it’s all free. You can liven it up by asking guests to bring refreshments and making it a real party. The best part of an event like this is that everything is free, and you’ll probably get some very nice items if your friends have good taste.

What to Do If You Are Stuck in a Job You Hate.

There are plenty of reasons that people wind up despising their jobs. It can range from what they are doing to who they are doing it with, but what they all have in common is that they hate their jobs, and they probably don’t want to do it anymore. The only problem is that people need jobs to live in this world, and it can be insanely difficult to find new jobs anywhere at any time, especially in the current economy. That makes people feel stuck, and that in turn makes them unhappy and makes them feel like they are trapped in something they hate to do and hate to deal with. If you are one of the people who feel like they can’t stand their job anymore, here are some strategies to make things easier to bear until you can find a new job to work.

The Work Itself

Remind Yourself This Isn't Permanent
Remind Yourself This Isn’t Permanent
If you hate your job because of what you are doing, you are in a very tough situation. Some of the worst job hate comes from doing a job that you are indifferent to or even dislike, because all of that apathy eventually evolves into hate for the things you do day in and day out repetitively forever, until you can’t stand anything about your job. You need to be able to let things go and make sure that you realize that it isn’t the people around you who are making you angry. If you lash out at people who are trying to be nice to you, you are just going to end up even worse off than you were before. Try to separate yourself from your work and think of things that make you happy while you do it, and that will help you hold out until you find a better job. Don’t be afraid to let out some anger at the gym either, that will help you too.

The Boss

Your Relationship With Your Boss Is Not Ideal
Your Relationship With Your Boss Is Not Ideal
If it is your boss who is giving you trouble then you have a major annoyance on your hands. Bosses are held in a strange limbo that stops somewhere between peer and teacher, and often becomes someone that many have the uncontrollable urge to slap as hard as they can across the face. If you have a bad boss just keep your head down, your work good, and your flirting skills sub-par. Also start searching for a job as soon as humanly possible, because life will get easier with a new job and a new boss. Therapy in the meantime includes throwing darts at a picture of the boss, as long as you mean no real harm to him, everything will be fine.

The Co-Workers

If it’s the people who you work with that are the problem, then the simple solution is to avoid them and to not come into contact with them If they actively harass you, it is in your rights to be as cold and ruse as you like, and you are also perfectly within your allotted rights to report them to your boss or human resources. If the all already hate you, there is no point trying to gain their affections, and iron fist ruling is the only way to make everyone wary and leave you alone. Hopefully that works, and if not it is time to switch to a different area.

The Customers

You Are Dealing With Rude customers All Day?
You Are Dealing With Rude customers All Day?
Rude customers, reviewers and people are going to be everywhere you go. Do not let stupid people ruin your working experience, or the will ruin every single one you have until you are an old person. Just serve them and then complain about them with your coworkers. It’s a nice release that also bands coworkers together, so it isn’t all bad either. Make sure that people know that you care about them and you like talking to them, it might help to cool the air.

Distance and Hours

If you hate your job because of the when and where, there is not much you can do about that. You just need to grin and bear it or make as much of a change as you think is reasonably. When you finally do it, when you leave your job, come back to either talk to them calmly or serve a supine, defending on how the conversation goes. You will be able to get what you want either way, and you survived through it.