3 Ways Romantic Comedy has Made Your Expectations Unrealistic

1Movies and entertainment like to present us with film after film about romance. Watching a romantic movie can be a fun escape from reality or a fun nigh to be out with your friends. They can be adorable and gut wrenching, and they can warm your heart or bring you to tears. But there are quite a few ways that growing up in a society that idealizes romance can really skew your perceptions of romance, and love in general. Here are three ways that you might be expecting too much out of your real life.

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The Chance Meeting

In romantic movies, the meeting of the two protagonists is almost always whimsical and supported by are large group of friends. Often, the protagonists experience love at first sight, and are drawn to each other by an unexplainable desire. The lighting is perfect and the moment is a pure, memorable one, or a quirky moment that is unforgettable. If you are waiting for a romantic meeting like this, you are going to be waiting a very long time. Real life romance can really start anywhere, but most likely through a mutual acquaintance or work. In either case, the meeting might not be as glamorous as you hoped. Another way that many adults are connecting is through online dating sites. While this might not be as romantic of a fairy tale that you wanted, it is a great way to meet likeminded people who share similar interests to you. When you meet your future partner it probably won’t be by chance, and it might not even be a physical meeting. And as of yet we have not heard of any cases of love at first type.

The Flaming Passion

2The romances in films are always portrayed as couples with burning sexual desire and an almost physical need to be together always. This portrayal of a relationship is actually kind of unhealthy, and would ordinarily turn into something co-dependent and creepy. While passion is an important part of any relationship, it also fades, and you will need to have a relationship based on more than the honeymoon stage desire for your relationship to last. Your partner should also be your best friend, and the ‘passion of true love’ should not be the only thing that connects the two of you together. Look for a stable, kind person who you are physically attracted to and love spending time with in an almost casual sense. This is usually the foundation of a solid in real life relationship.

The Happy Ending

3To be blunt, in real life stories do not get nice little clean endings all wrapped up in a bow. We don’t always end up with who we wanted, and sometimes even the most solid of relationships simply fade away. The thing about real life is that nothing is static and everything is always changing. Sometimes people just grow apart, and that’s that. If we can take this departure with grace and fondness for the good times, we will be much happier for it. Not every breakup has to be heart shattering and dramatic, just as every relationship doesn’t have to be fueled by the heat of love at first sight. Love is a tricky thing that comes in many different packages, and we will be much happier if we leave the romantic comedy’s template far behind.

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When Is The Right Time To Pop The BIG Question?

1-questionIf you’re of the traditional sort, you may want to marry the person you’re dating once you’re reached an appropriate level of intimacy. You may feel like it’s the right time, but is it? A lot of things can factor into whether or not the time is right when it comes to asking your partner to marry you. Make sure that all of the stars align for you in the form of several signs that you have the all clear to get down on one knee soon.

You Know They’ll Probably Say Yes

One of the worst feelings in the world is being rejected. A rejection for a first date is a small sting, being rejected by a job can be a sizable blow, but after dating someone for what could possibly be years and being turned down for marriage can be devastating. How can you even move on from that? Is your relationship over? Can you try again sometime?

These things are dependent on you and your partner’s level of communication. It’s best to avoid the drama, though, and only propose when you know there’s a very high chance they’ll say yes. Also, don’t propose in a public or flashy way. This pressures someone to say yes and if they don’t, you’ll end up publicly humiliated.

You’re Financially Stable

2-marriagePart of being married is knowing that you can support your spouse and any fruits of your marriage such as new pets, babies, or blended family members. Also, weddings are expensive. If you want to go the fancy route, weddings can run around $40,000 USD. Some people’s families can foot the bill but if they don’t want to, then you have to make up that money.

Think about how if they say yes and you have a wedding, is that responsible if you’re trying to raise a family or start one. Save as much money as you can before popping the question in any scenario.

You’re Ready To Commit

Make sure that you’re fully ready to settle down before asking your partner to get married. To eliminate any possibility of cold feet, regret, and straying eyes, come to terms with the idea that marriage means one of you and one of them. That’s it. If you find that you can’t get comfortable with the idea of commitment yet, put off the proposal no matter how much you’re being pressured.

It’s perfectly fine to feel like you aren’t ready, so don’t feel bad that you can’t get down with that idea just yet. Enjoy your life as a couple and if you never reach the level of intimacy and monogamy needed, then don’t feel like you’re a bad person.

You’ve Both Talked About Your Future

3-loveMake sure that you’ve discussed future plans. If you haven’t moved in together, who will move where when you get married? Do you both want children? Can you make compromises? Be aware that the more that you talk about how your relationship will progress, the more comfortable you’ll be when it comes to proposing, as well as the chance your partner will say yes will be higher. It also means you know what you’re getting into with marriage beforehand, so there’s not surprises.

You Have A Support System

If you want to marry someone, it’s good to know that your friends and family also support this decision. This isn’t to say that you need anyone’s permission to get married other than your potential spouse, but knowing that people support your relationship never did anyone any harm. If they feel like it’s a bad idea, as why and don’t get offended. Maybe they’re seeing something you can’t with your rose-colored glasses. Ultimately, their approval or not shouldn’t have any bearing on your final decision but take what they have to say into consideration before spending money on a ring. There’s no stings attached sex from the fine people that brought you friend finder and nostringsattached.com scams are aplently. But you can celebrate your engagement with a threesome no problem here.

They Want You To

4-sunset-hands-love-woman-380x254One of the best ways to know whether it’s okay to pop the question is if you know your mate wants you to. Most partners will drop hints if that’s what they’re looking for so pay attention. Make sure that you consider your own feelings and not just go along with what they want and pressure you to. No successful marriage was created by pressure. There are plenty of blog for casual dating tips (read it here) worth your time before you go dating or popping big questions.

For a lot of women, penetrative sex is not really that pleasurable. You may think that this is just because you haven’t got used to it or your boyfriend is not doing it properly, but that’s not necessarily the case. If you experience a ton of pain during vaginal penetration, this is something you’re going to want to know about. Whether you are trying to have sexual intercourse or you are just trying to use tampons or anything like that, extreme pain is not normal and could be assigned that you have a condition known as vaginismus. If this is the case for you, you are definitely going to want to know how you can go about fixing this issue. If you think that you may have an issue like this, here’s what you need to know.

In order to know how to deal with vaginismus, you’re going to want to know what it is. Vaginismus is a disorder that causes extreme pain during vaginal penetration, whether it is with fingers, tampons, or anything else. Basically, the vaginal muscles tense up to an extreme degree and make it extremely painful for penetration to occur. Much like hornymatches, horny matches has been around for a long time and not getting good reviews and it is mostly a scam. This is definitely something that you are going to want to know about, since a lot of women suffer this without ever realizing that it is not their fault. This is a disorder that is only recently being researched, so it may be difficult for you to go about figuring how you can fix this. However, it’s something that you are definitely going to want to talk to your doctor about if you feel like this is an issue you’re dealing with.

If you have vaginismus or you suspect that you might have a, you’re going to want to know we can do about it. First of all, it is best to talk to a doctor if you feel like you have this issue at all. They may be able to help you figure out a game plan to deal with it. However, another thing you can do is consider buying a set of dilators in order to try and stretch yourself out. Sometimes, it could wind up being that you really are just that tight, and using dilators can help you ease up. If the dilators don’t help, you could be facing a bigger issue.

Discovering the Source of Your Condition

Sometimes, vaginismus can come about for other reasons, like psychological issues. If you have extreme discomfort when being penetrated, then it may be due to psychological hangups. This may seem strange to you, but it really is something you are going to want to consider looking into. Your doctor may be able to help you figure out what type of issue you may be dealing with, and it is important that you look into doing this so you can enjoy a healthy sex life without pain. It may take a while to solve, but it will be worth it. Check out the worst site online: saucydates is the worst and you only find fake profiles here.

Understanding Your Fingernails and Their Link to Your Overall Health

Sometimes you may think that your fingernails are pretty useless. If you’d like to decorate them then you can paint them or apply fake ones for fashion purposes. They break obnoxiously and can be painful because of this. But at the end of the day do they really do anything for you? Actually, yes. Your fingernails can be great tip offs for any health issues you might have. Instead of ignoring a nasty nail or asking a friend about the issue, look into the possible underlying cause of your nail problems.

Blue Tinged Nails

You Are Not Getting Enough Oxygen
You Are Not Getting Enough Oxygen
Many assume that the blue tinge in their nails is just the color of the skin underneath or that it’s meant to be that way because of genetics. It’s actually rare that you would have this color from birth. Blue tinted nails mean that you aren’t getting enough oxygen or that your blood isn’t carrying enough oxygen to the rest of your body.

Pale Whitish Nails

It can be hard to tell if there’s a problem with pale nails because some people are born with a lighter colored nail bed than others. If your nails suddenly become pale when they used to be darker, look for other signs of illness related to anemia and malnutrition that you might be expressing. Pale nails can also be a sign of poor circulation to the hands.

Completely White Nails

Your Nails Can Tell You A Lot About Your Health
Your Nails Can Tell You A Lot About Your Health
White nails should be a sign of a problem no matter what your skin tone. A white nail differs from a pale nail in that your nails will look completely white with a dark rim. This can mean anything from congestive heart failure to a week liver. You might even have something called Terry’s nails which can happen as people age. One of the more severe illnesses related with white nails is hepatitis.

Nails with Grooves

Nails with pits and grooves can mean any number of things. In a good scenario, lines and ridges on your nails just means you have a vitamin deficiency which isn’t letting them grow properly. In a worse situation, grooved and pitted nails can mean you have psoriasis, alopecia, Reiter’s syndrome, or arthritis.

Yellowed Nails

If you’ve ever had a relative that smokes then you might notice their nails are stained a bit yellow with nicotine. When your nails are yellow without smoking, however, it can be a large sign of respiratory illness. Another common reason your nails will turn yellow is because you have a fungal infection. There are over the counter cures for nail fungus you can try. If these don’t work, it might be something more serious.

Dark Lines

This Could Be An Indication Of Skin Cancer
This Could Be An Indication Of Skin Cancer
A dark line or spot under a nail can mean that you simply bruised your finger and the nail might be dead in places. This is actually not uncommon, especially for those that work with their hands quite often. If you can’t think of any injuries to your nail that might have occurred and you still have dark lines and spots, seek medical attention. This can be a sign of skin cancer.

Inflamed Nail

An inflamed nail isn’t exactly related to your actual nail. Instead, examine the area around and below your cuticle. It might be red and puffy for another reason, such as slamming your finger in a door or having an irritated cuticle. In some cases an inflamed cuticle area can be associated with lupus or a connective tissue disorder.

Nails That Split and Crack

If Your Nails Split And Crack, You Need To See A Doctor Immediately
If Your Nails Split And Crack, You Need To See A Doctor Immediately
Nails don’t typically flake and split. If your nails do this often then there might be a bigger problem going on than just an ugly nail. Splitting nails can be a sign of a nail fungus or something worse like thyroid disease. In a better scenario, split nails can also be a sign of malnutrition and mineral deficiency.

Nail Biting

Nail biting is one nail symptom that you have to be proactive with, meaning it’s not something that just occurs naturally as a sign or symptom: you cause it. Nail biting is associated with anxiety and OCD. Most think that nail biting is normal and that a lot of people do it. This is untrue, however, and may mean that you should seek a professional to help you curb this habit.

How to Tell If Your Sexual Appetite Is Healthy or an Addiction

The question is simple and to the point. Do you feel like you are treading a thin line between being a voracious young person or someone with a healthy need for sex versus someone who needs help to curb their desires and uncontrollable urges? The differences might be obvious to you or they may be part of a very blurred line that you don’t know which side you belong on. Go through the list and see for yourself. Are you a healthy person or a secret sex addict?

Do You Constantly Go Out of Your Way for Sex?

How Is Your Sexual Appetite?
How Is Your Sexual Appetite?
Having sex occasionally is normal. In fact, having sex a lot can be normal within reason. Even if you’re having scheduled days for sex, be you single or in a relationship, then you’re on the good side of the line. The time when you cross over is when you are doing one thing and decide suddenly that you need sex now. You’re coming home from work and you feel compelled to just go to a bar, pick someone up, and then get some in the car. If this happens often then watch out.

Does Your Need for Sex Hinder Your Day to Day Life?

One sure fire way to tell if you’re actually a sex addict is to examine how you react to a sexual stimulus in the middle of work, school, or errands. People can’t help but get aroused sometimes and that can include times when they’re just doing everyday things. If this arousal is persistent and something that you feel the urge to satisfy immediately on a regular basis then you might be treading on some very murky water. Your sex life shouldn’t interfere with your ability to do day-to-day tasks.

Do You Find Yourself Wanting to Cheat or Go Wild?

Going Wild...
Going Wild…
If you’re in a committed, monogamous relationship then you have some standards to uphold. One of those standards is that your partner is the only person you’ll be sleeping with. If your relationship is fine and healthy but you still feel a compulsion to go completely crazy and cheat on your partner often then you might need to examine how healthy your sexual frequency really is. Some people just aren’t the kind who can settle down. This is something completely different than a sex addict but there might be a similar style of sexual promiscuity.

How Often do You Actually Want to Have Sex?

It’s normal for some people to have high sex drives and be extremely sexual quite often. During puberty and your young adult years, for example, there’s a tendency for people to be quite hormonal and hot and bothered. If you’re someone, however, that feels the urge and need to have sex on a daily basis and does not ever get tired of sex or the rush derived from it then it’s possible you’re addicted. Remember that sex addiction is just like drug addiction. You have to have it all the time and you’ll look for it any time of the day, over and over again.

Do You Think You Could Listen to “No” if You Needed To?

She Said NO!... Now What?
She Said NO!… Now What?
Sometimes someone who is addicted to sex isn’t fully cognitive or aware of what they’re doing. They see the opportunity to have sex and they can’t shut it off. Because of this they may not be able to listen when their partner is saying that they don’t want to have sex anymore. This is rape, plain and simple. If you have been in a situation where this might be applicable then there is definitely something amiss. When you are risking endangering others with your addiction, it’s time to get help.

5 Signs You’re over Training

More isn’t always better. When it comes to working out, overtraining is just about the worst thing that you could do for your long term fitness goals. You might think that you’re doing well, but when you go out on a limb and you end up hurting yourself and setting back your training by weeks or months, at least. Habitually overtraining certain muscles could even lead to doing permanent damage to certain joints and so forth. Of course, the first signs of overtraining are simply pain and fatigue. Read more to find out what you can expect so that you can tell that things are going to be so that you can back off before you actually hurt yourself.

You’re Always Sore

Soreness Is A Clear Sign You Are Overtraining
Soreness Is A Clear Sign You Are Overtraining
One thing that you need to have is an awareness of what normal fatigue feels like. It’s normal for your muscles to be sore after an intense workout. Delayed onset muscle soreness can last several days and should be noticeable, but not anything that’s going to get in the way of your daily life. The time when you need to be worried is when your muscles never seem to get better; if you’re still sore a week after your workout, there’s a good chance that you’re pushing yourself too hard. If the pain is so intense that you find yourself avoiding day to day activities out of fear of the pain, you’ve been pushing yourself too hard. Sometimes it’s easy to try to keep going because you want results fast, but fitness isn’t always a race. You need to take time to let your body adjust slowly.

Your Sleep Schedule Is Thrown Off

Your workouts shouldn’t leave you so exhausted that you simply can’t stay awake? That might seem like a great thing (early to bed and early to rise), but you shouldn’t be wearing yourself out that much. Any workout that leaves you so drained that you basically just have to sleep all the next day is one that’s pushing you beyond the limits of what you can hold. You should skip it, because that’s definitely not going to be something that’s going to improve the quality of your life. You should be aiming for things that will only make your life better, and if you’re never alert enough to enjoy it you’re going to be trapped forever.

You Can’t Remember the Last Fun Thing You Ate

Training Should Be Fun
Training Should Be Fun
The point of getting fit isn’t to be a miser who only eats carrot sticks and eats a hardboiled egg once a year, as a treat. You want to be fit and you want to be healthy, but you want to also have a good time, within reason. There should never come a time when you don’t remember the last time you treated yourself. This doesn’t have to be a binge; what this really should be is just a treat. Having a slice of cake at someone’s birthday party, for example, is something that you should still allow yourself. Just try not to make it five slices for no reason.

You Aren’t Bulking Symmetrically

Start Bulking Symmetrically
Start Bulking Symmetrically
If you can obviously tell where you’ve been hitting the gym the hardest, it’s time for you to spread things out and work hard to make sure that all your muscles are getting some attention. You don’t want to be that guy with skinny chicken legs on a ripped torso.

You See Your Gym Buddies More than Your Family

Last and least, you shouldn’t be more comfortable hanging out at the gym than hanging out with your family. That’s a surefire sign that something serious is going wrong. Working out is great, but it’s to let you lead your life more fully. Don’t let yourself get so wrapped up with working out that you forget the reason that you’re even trying to do this. This is why you need to keep balance in your life.

Can 30 Minutes 3 Times a Week Really Make a Difference?

You all know about the standard advice for adults. Get out and move a minimum of 30 minutes a day 3 times a week. More is better, but this is often said to be the minimum that a person can exercise and still have it count as exercise. The real question then becomes is it even worth it? At only 90 minutes of exercise per week, many people would feel that doesn’t even come close to making a difference. Here’s the facts when it comes to this basic requirement of exercise.

What’s Your Fitness Level Going In?

At Home Or At The Gym... Exercise Has Its Health Benefits
At Home Or At The Gym… Exercise Has Its Health Benefits
Before you scoff at this idea, you have to consider the fitness level of the person going in. Typically, this advice is aimed at people who don’t work out. They work in offices and drive everywhere they travel. They don’t do anything more strenuous in the course of the day than carrying a laptop down the hall, and they definitely don’t go on 30 minute walks. It doesn’t matter if they’re fat or thin; even thin people can be unfit. If they really don’t exercise at all, then 30 minutes 3 times a week would actually be a step up for them. Any sort of step up is good. If you don’t really work out then this could be a very good beginning goal for you. When you’ve gotten in the habit of going for 30 minute walks every week you can start lengthening the walks and increasing the frequency.

You’re Not Going to Be Running Marathons

Of course, you have to realize that with this light cap you’re not going to be running marathons any time soon. When you walk 90 minutes in a week you’re training your body to be able to handle 90 minutes of exercise per week. You can’t keep things at this level and then be surprised when you can’t go for long jogs or lift a bunch of weights. This is a very minimal cap and it will net you basic benefits.

You’re Not Going to Lose Much Weight

Also, if you’re thinking that this could be the key to weight loss you should think again. Even if you walked briskly, a 90-minute walk will only burn off about 400 calories or fewer. That’s 400 calories per week that you’re shaving off your diet. It might in time be enough to help you lose weight, but it would be so slow and so difficult to judge that you probably would never even notice. It’s definitely not the secret to fitting back into those jeans you wore in high school.

It’s a Good Basic Standard

30 Minutes 3 Times A Week Is All IT Takes
30 Minutes 3 Times A Week Is All IT Takes
This exercise level isn’t meant to help you become a muscle bound god or drop twenty pounds in a month. This weight loss is all about giving your heart and lungs basic exercise. 30 minutes 3 times a week is enough for you to start reaping the benefits of improved cardio vascular health. There’s no big secret to this. If you want to increase your general health while lowering the odds that you’ll develop heart and lung problems then taking this as a very basic exercise goal is pretty much the least you can do. Every little bit helps, so start taking these walks today.