Preparing for the “You’re Fired” Speech

Preparing yourself to fire someone can often be both overwhelming and stressful. Sometimes, depending on how terrible an employee the person is, you may even enjoy firing them. Even if you are relieved to be firing an employee, it is still important to take certain steps to make sure what you say, and how you say it is both proper and respectable. Even if he or she are the worst employee you have ever had, you don’t want to lose your professionalism when you are firing them. Making sure to stay professional shows great character, and it can often help to keep riled emotions from escalating.

Write a Draft of Your Speech and Read it Aloud

Think What You Are Going To Say When You Fire An Employee
Think What You Are Going To Say When You Fire An Employee
When you’re trying to prepare yourself for giving a speech in which you have to fire someone, one of the best things you can do is to actually write out the speech, and then read it out loud. You should try doing this in front of a mirror, so that you can watch yourself for facial clues and gestures that will show that you are sincere, yet firm. Make sure you listen carefully to what you’ve wrote, and remember to edit it line-by-line if need be. You want your speech to sound solid. You don’t want the person that you’re firing to think that you’re intimidated by the situation, or that you’re not firm in your decision.

Once you have finished your draft, continue to read and edit it up until you’re ready to call in your employee. Make sure you rehearse your speech as much as possible. You may not know all of it word for word, but you definitely do not want to be reading it from a piece of paper, or from the computer when you’re firing your employee. They will take extreme offense to it, and it would be rightly so. You shouldn’t have anything to help remind you why you’re firing this person. If you do, they could argue that you are simply picking on them due to your on bias. It could lead to various grievances, and possibly even a lawsuit.

Do not allow your employee to think that you don’t know what you’re doing or saying. Even if you aren’t sure about things, pretend that you are. When you are speaking to them, they should not doubt even for a second that what you’re saying goes. The moment that they see you falter, they will try to take advantage of the situation.

Make Sure You Know Who to Contact In Case Things Get Out of Hand

Fire That Employee The Right Way
Fire That Employee The Right Way
Although it is rare, you may end up having to call security, or even the police when a former employee doesn’t take the news of being fired very well. Some employees can overreact and cause a lot of chaos and drama for you and other people. Some former employees may even become dangerous to you as well as to themselves and others. Always keep a phone or some other form of contact communication between you and someone who is trained to control the situation. If your former employee has become angry, irate, and aggressive, do not try to control the situation on your own. You may end up putting yourself in danger. Instead, call the authorities and let them handle things. If you’re afraid for your life, try to put some distance between you and the former employee. Shout for help if you must, even if it’s just to make others aware of the situation.

Firing an employee is probably something that most people don’t enjoy. Unfortunately, many times it simply has to be done. When you prepare yourself (and your speech) for firing an employee, it will make things easier on you by helping to keep you calm and collected. You may not enjoy firing your employees, but an important part of having your own business is being able to take the good things along with the bad.

Written By Ruth Russel