How to Tell If Your Sexual Appetite Is Healthy or an Addiction

The question is simple and to the point. Do you feel like you are treading a thin line between being a voracious young person or someone with a healthy need for sex versus someone who needs help to curb their desires and uncontrollable urges? The differences might be obvious to you or they may be part of a very blurred line that you don’t know which side you belong on. Go through the list and see for yourself. Are you a healthy person or a secret sex addict?

Do You Constantly Go Out of Your Way for Sex?

How Is Your Sexual Appetite?
How Is Your Sexual Appetite?
Having sex occasionally is normal. In fact, having sex a lot can be normal within reason. Even if you’re having scheduled days for sex, be you single or in a relationship, then you’re on the good side of the line. The time when you cross over is when you are doing one thing and decide suddenly that you need sex now. You’re coming home from work and you feel compelled to just go to a bar, pick someone up, and then get some in the car. If this happens often then watch out.

Does Your Need for Sex Hinder Your Day to Day Life?

One sure fire way to tell if you’re actually a sex addict is to examine how you react to a sexual stimulus in the middle of work, school, or errands. People can’t help but get aroused sometimes and that can include times when they’re just doing everyday things. If this arousal is persistent and something that you feel the urge to satisfy immediately on a regular basis then you might be treading on some very murky water. Your sex life shouldn’t interfere with your ability to do day-to-day tasks.

Do You Find Yourself Wanting to Cheat or Go Wild?

Going Wild...
Going Wild…
If you’re in a committed, monogamous relationship then you have some standards to uphold. One of those standards is that your partner is the only person you’ll be sleeping with. If your relationship is fine and healthy but you still feel a compulsion to go completely crazy and cheat on your partner often then you might need to examine how healthy your sexual frequency really is. Some people just aren’t the kind who can settle down. This is something completely different than a sex addict but there might be a similar style of sexual promiscuity.

How Often do You Actually Want to Have Sex?

It’s normal for some people to have high sex drives and be extremely sexual quite often. During puberty and your young adult years, for example, there’s a tendency for people to be quite hormonal and hot and bothered. If you’re someone, however, that feels the urge and need to have sex on a daily basis and does not ever get tired of sex or the rush derived from it then it’s possible you’re addicted. Remember that sex addiction is just like drug addiction. You have to have it all the time and you’ll look for it any time of the day, over and over again.

Do You Think You Could Listen to “No” if You Needed To?

She Said NO!... Now What?
She Said NO!… Now What?
Sometimes someone who is addicted to sex isn’t fully cognitive or aware of what they’re doing. They see the opportunity to have sex and they can’t shut it off. Because of this they may not be able to listen when their partner is saying that they don’t want to have sex anymore. This is rape, plain and simple. If you have been in a situation where this might be applicable then there is definitely something amiss. When you are risking endangering others with your addiction, it’s time to get help.

Written By Ruth Russel